2012 List / Albums

Rather than compile a list of candidates around November and miss remembering some, I thought it would be a good idea to keep a running list of some of my favorite albums of this year, 2012. These are all albums that I found catchy at the time and/or listened to frequently and/or thought were meaningful and/or particularly novel and great. These are alphabetical by artist, so don't infer any other ordering just yet. I'll probably use these candidates as a "long list" and whittle them down to a Top 10 in December,.

I've included a handful of links, depending on what I could find: a music video, a link to stream/download an mp3 file, a place to buy the CD or download the album, etc. I've labeled each link appropriately, and tried to include both a free version (YouTube video or mp3 stream or etc.) and a paid version (buy the album on CD/vinyl or on Amazon/eMusic etc.) for each song, and I encourage you to buy anything that you really enjoy because, hey, that's why people are making music in the first place: to share and be shared. Enjoy!

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