Thursday, April 1, 2010

Concert Review: Big Hurry, Satin Gum

Big Hurry, Satin Gum, (DJ Gordy G. of Title Town)
Friday March 27, 2010 at Brillobox
with Deepak

I biked over to the Brillobox after playing a few rounds of Saboteur with some other mathies at Marla's games night. I hadn't seen Big Hurry in a while (since August I think), and in the meantime they finally released their EP in December. (When I first saw them last June opening for Jenny Owen Youngs and Jukebox the Ghost, they handed out free CDs with 3 songs, labeled “EP Coming Soon...” haha.) I saw Satin Gum opening for Donora at the Brillobox back in December, and they put on a fun show, too. I wasn't interested in seeing whoever this DJ character is, so I showed up a little late and only caught two songs from Satin Gum. They were just the perfect upbeat, guitar-heavy pop/rock songs that they have all over their EP and album, which they have been offering for free at their shows. I suppose they're doing this music thing for fun, or hoping that the giveaways will boost live show attendances, or something. Either way, good for them. Also, I like their humorous song titles, like “Interesting, Yes You Are” and “No, We Are Not Naming Our Kids After IKEA Products” and “I Got a DUI, Babe”. The upstairs room was jam-packed (I'm surprised it wasn't sold out and I got in as late as I did, phew!) and I could almost feel the floor swaying as most people danced and head-bobbed along. I also spotted all 4 members of Big Hurry hanging around the bar and chatting with friends up until the point where they went onstage. Cool beans.

Big Hurry pleased the crowd, and me, greatly with their set. It's a perfect mix of rock/dance pop/punk that can set the room ablaze. Their blog features the description “the Smiths having a street fight with Pat Benetar in the year 4000”, which is strangely accurate but doesn't quite say how awesome it is, and here is a concert review for them that summarizes their appeal far more eloquently than I ever could. They played through the songs on their new Silver Screens EP and totally nailed it. I could listen to “Save Your Breath” all day, and it's even catchier and more enjoyable live. Apparently they've also released a remixes EP (free track in the link), and the South Sound Machine is bassist Lenny Flatley's moniker. I'm hoping I get to see them again sometime soon, and I encourage you to check them out!

Satin Gum:
”Dance Me Home” live at the Brillobox
”Running Red Lights” live at the Thunderbird Cafe
”September Gurls” (Big Star cover) live from the very night about which I am writing!
photos of Satin Gum from the same night!

Big Hurry:
”Radio” live at Garfield Artworks (from 2008 when they had another synth player, apparently?)
”Paper Trails” live at Lava Lounge, December 2009
”Tell Me” acoustic, live in their attic/practice space
Burgh Sounds writeup on the remix EP
Hughshowsredux concert review and photos from the show

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