Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Upcoming concert: Elf Power

Heads up, readers! Indie rock/pop stalwarts and Elephant 6 collective band Elf Power will be gracing the tiny stage of the Brillobox in one month, on Friday September 24. Unfortunately, I will be away in NYC that weekend and must miss the show. (Fortunately for me, though, I will be gone to see fucking Pavement in Central fucking Park!) However, you should not miss the show. In addition to their upbeat, catchy songs (see "Never Believe" or "Walking with the Beggar Boys", for instance) with witty/screwball/fantastical lyrics (see "Simon, the Bird with the Candybar Head" or "Secret Ocean", for instance), they will also be showing the Elephant 6 film "Major Organ and the Adding Machine". It's a collaborative, instrumental-only film made by and starring most of the people & bands in the collective and it apparently has some crazy music with peculiar instrumentation. I've only seen the trailer (see the video below), but it also exists on DVD for purchase, if you so desire. Anyway, I fully recommend going to this show and I guarantee it will sell out, so buy tickets now (only $10) if you think you'll want to go.

Edit: Also, local music event organizer Opus One Productions is featuring this show as one of this week's ticket giveaways, so go sign up for their weekly email newsletter and enter the contest!

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