Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jams of the day: Reggie Watts / Daytrotter Session

I have no idea how to describe these amazing recordings. Reggie Watts is part comedian, part beat-master, and completely genius. I saw him many years ago in college, opening for Demetri Martin. He did a mixture of standup and music-making, talking in funny voices and saying outrageous non sequiturs, looping his own beatboxing, making synth sounds, and being genuinely crazy the whole time. It was astounding to watch.

This Daytrotter Session of his was recorded at SXSW this year. (Reggie references Austin, TX a lot in his "songs" here.) There are 4 tracks, plus an intro sequence. You have to listen to them. Reggie Watts somehow puts together amaizng beats and melodies and sings over his own voice looped, or maybe there are females backing him, it's hard to say, and things change around and swell and dwindle and loop back around and ... it's mighty impressive how long these things go on. And apparently they were almost entirely improvised! They all feature some silly "radio promo"-style voiceovers (also Reggie, of course) that simultaneously mock and pay homage to rock radio and disc jockeys. And Daytrotter themselves thought the intro was the best they've ever had.

Seriously, just listen to this session. It is crazy.

"And so it's said, my brethren, 'Without contempt, we have nothing.' Please be seated. Now, at this time, more than any other time, is a time for getting down. Many people are not into this lifestyle choice, but they will learn otherwise…Do you believe in everything you've ever heard. We bet you do."

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  1. you're not kidding. probably one of the best things i've heard in sometime. grooves hittin like a brick.