Monday, September 13, 2010

Some old, some new: Dungen

I like Dungen. They've introduced me to what's goin' on at the forefront of neo-psychedelia and freak-folk and traditional-Swedelandia and such, and they've taught me a few choice phrases in Swedish. For instance, dungen=grove, ta det lugnt=take it easy, and skit i allt=fuck all. Yeah, that's right, if you ask me what the cool hang-out is in Stockholm, I can tell you it's at "the grove", but then when you don't know how to get there I can tell you to just "take it easy", and then when you get all indignant and berate me in front of my peers I can say "fuck all" and walk away. Hellz yah, I told you.

So, anyway, Dungen has a new album out today, Tuesday September 14, 2010. I first discovered their fantabulous self-titled EP on eMusic and kept discovering from there: Ta Det Lugnt (bought on eMusic), Tio Bitar (bought on vinyl at Wicked Discs on Craig St. in Pittsburgh), 4 (bought on eMusic). It's all great. Incredible instrumentation, awesome arrangements, everything euphonious and then some. Check out this super interview with lead man Gustav Ejstes to get a better sense of their style and musical influences, including traditional Swedish folk and his father's violin music.

Their new album, Skit I Allt is released via Mexican Summer in the US and Subliminal Sounds elsewhere. You can stream it for a limited time on Spinner's new releases page. I encourage you to check out their back catalog. I'm digging the new one, and the previous stuff is even better.

Dungen: MySpace, website
"Panda" music video
"Panda" live on Conan O'Brien
"Stadsvandringar" music video

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