Saturday, November 27, 2010

Video jams, upcoming concert: Dandelion Snow / "The Grand Scheme Of Things" and White Wives / "Hungry Ghost"

Artist: Dandelion Snow
Song: "The Grand Scheme Of Things"
Album: The Grand Scheme Of Things
Label: Big Bullet Records
Released: June 1, 2010

Dandelion Snow is the stage name of singer/songwriter Roger Harvey, who has laid claim to NYC, Portland and Pittbsburgh as home towns. I somehow stumbled on his blog/website a couple months ago, and then saw that he was on the bill for a local show I was definitely attending and got pretty excited. I'd been jamming this track periodically since finding it. The guitar twang and throbbing organ and buried banjo lines and rollicking drums . . . it's fucking perfect for tapping your finger on the steering wheel as you coast down an empty highway. And that's what I'm thinking about as I listen to it, tapping my toe on the floor as if I were pushing down on the gas pedal and staring at the white walls of my bedroom like it's a window to the flat, corn-filled skyscapes of Kansas. Wistful and wishful thinking, I know, but anything that can remind me of the greatness that is On The Road earns a place in my mind and heart. The lyrics do wonders to help this comparison, too, discussing a cross-the-country-and-back-again road trip slash musical tour full of truck stop sleeping, violent rednecks, record shopping, the fuzz, drinking, gambling, awesome times, etc. And the video has some old-timey, grainy footage of driving and a little boy who's running around looking for his place in . . . well, the grand scheme of things.

[I thoroughly enjoyed his live set at the Lava Lounge last week, too. Stay tuned for a show review; live video here: part 1 part 2]

Dandelion Snow's website mentions another band he is now a part of, and I've done some internet searching and figured out that White Wives is a punk band featuring Roger Harvey (DS), Chris Barker and Chris Head (from fucking Anti-Flag!), Andy T. (bassist of The Code), and Tyler Kweder (drummer of American Armada). The band has been on a November tour with The Lawrence Arms, and they will be playing in Pittsburgh on December 28 at Garfield Artworks. The lineup looks to be heavy on the in-your-face punk, which is quite different from Dandelion Snow, but I'm looking forward to seeing what that's like. See ya there. Here's a live White Wives song called "Hungry Ghost":

///WHITE.WIVES\\\ HUNGRY GHOSTS. INITIAL HAPPENING. Sept. 3rd 2010 from White Wives on Vimeo.

Dandelion Snow
Website (sign up for the mailing list there and get a free mp3)
Reverb Nation
Album reviews of The Grand Scheme Of Things: 1 2

White Wives

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