Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That Album Cover Game: Flaming Mountains / They'd Crush You If They Could

Maybe you've seen this silly but fun "game" wandering around on Facebook or message boards or whatever. I found an extensive thread on this game over on the forum at The Needle Drop and then a Facebook friend posted one, as well, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. The idea is: use the internet to generate a random band name, album title, and cover art, and then use your editing skills to put them together in an artistically menaingful way. There are specific rules for using Wikipedia and Flickr to get the components of your new band's debut LP, but I'll let you find them elsewhere.

Anyway, here's my result. I really like the band name (they might even exist somewhere!) and I fudged the rules a bit regarding the quote, since the last "few" words of my generated quote wouldn't make sense unless I used just the last two, but the phrase before that made soooo much more sense, given the band name :-D So I used that instead. Also, I was seriously doubting my artistic creativity and frustrated with my lack of knowledge of and skillz with GIMP (Photoshop-on-steroids for Linux) so my first attempt was quite shitty (and used the inferior quote, at that). But I settled back in and gave it another try and it came out much better. So yeah, here's my creation. And if you want to name your band Flaming Mountains and release an album entitled They'd Crush You If They Could, I'm all for it. I just demand royalties. Lots of 'em.

Band name source [Wikipedia]:
Flaming Mountains
Album name source []:
"I like weights. You know where you stand with them. Well, sometimes you're lying under them, trying not to let them crush you, but you see, you KNOW they'd crush you if they could. There's honesty."
---T. Campbell and Gisele Lagace, Penny and Aggie, 09-12-05
Photo source [Flickr]:
Jonah Larkander: "[red]"

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