Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kiva Han Countdown: 26 days (yesterday's post)

I stopped by for a quick cup of tea on my way to the Southside for a concert because I was feeling like a little congestion/cold was creeping up on me. I got a green tea and sat in the corner table by the window to read a book. The barista wrapped the string of the tea bag around the handle of my travel mug so it wouldn't disappear into the depths, only to be retrievable by pinching my fingers into its boiling lava. Smart move, my friend.

I hadn't been sitting there all that long when I heard a little skittering sound coming from above and descending. I momentarily thought it was a tree branch scraping the window or something, but then realized there aren't any tree branches within reach of that window. A split second later, a piece of ice or two landed on the side of my table and bounced to the floor. I heard laughter and giggling coming from above. Luckily, there was no damage to my book or other effects, so I kinda chuckled to myself and leaned over to look up. There is a tiny gap along that window/wall wherein a customer sitting on the second floor can potentially (or actually) spill something and have it come sailing down to the first floor with only gravity on its side and a floor in its way. A young lady happened to be leaning over to look downward at that moment, and she giggled out, "Sorry about that!", and I said, "No problem!, and waved back. And that was that.

The strange thing is … that is the second time that has happened to me there! Same table. Same situation. Except the last time, I think someone spilled their entire iced coffee on the floor up there, and it dripped down slowly onto the side of the table for a short while and hit a book or two I had with me. I'm sure that person was more focused on cleaning up their own spillage on their own stuff, so I didn't really begrudge them not acknowledging the fact that I got hit, too. Oh well. This time, it seemed to be just ice water … well, actually, just ice. So, NBD.

Side note: they were playing a lot of Blink 182 while I was there. I only know this because I recognized "All The Small Things" and then the rest of the songs sounded exactly like that one. Now, I only recognized that song because my college roommate used to play it a lot and sing along in his humorous, fake emo voice. He was very good at imitating that whiny, nasal tone. A little too good. I think he secretly liked that song, but he also introduced me to Interpol and Radiohead and Modest Mouse, so it's all good.

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