Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010 Yearend List: Top 10 Live Shows, plus all Draw Us Lines posts

In case you didn't know, I also write some articles for Pittsburgh-based music blog Draw Us Lines. It's a pretty sweet gig, I gotta say, and I'm grateful to Jim and Blake for giving me the chance to share my thoughts and words with their audience. In the spirit of this week and all the 2010 yearend lists, I've collected here all of the stuff I've written that's posted on their site, including my list of Top 10 Live Shows of 2010 from this week's listorama. Check 'em out and be sure to follow Draw Us Lines, as well, for plenty of good stuff!

Concert Reviews:
09.13.2010 The Black Angels / Fillmore Jive @ Diesel
09.30.2010 Pavement / The Beets @ Central Park, NYC
10.11.2010 Lohio / Donora @ Brillobox
10.13.2010 Mariage Blanc / New Shouts @ Brillobox
10.21.2010 Meeting Of Important People / Ceiling Stares / Neighbors @ Howlers
11.09.2010 Frightened Rabbit / Plants & Animals / The Phantom Band @ Diesel
12.01.2010 Jenny Owen Youngs / Wakey!Wakey! @ Brillobox

10.08.2010 Allison Weiss
11.11.2010 Lower Dens

Show Previews:
09.28.2010 Quest For Glory Tour @ Garfield Artworks

Band Profiles:
10.26.2010 The Spires
11.03.2010 Old Canes
11.16.2010 Bear Hands
11.29.2010 Bottomless Pit
12.10.2010 Reading Rainbow

Song Diaries:
10.06.2010 The Spires / "Held"
10.11.2010 Sharon Van Etten / "Save Yourself"
11.01.2010 Belle and Sebastian / "I Want The World To Stop"
11.30.2010 Warpaint / "Undertow"
12.06.2010 Atlas Sound / "Here Come The Trains"

Record Store Recons:
10.18.2010 RSR #2, Academy Records
11.19.2010 RSR #4, Wicked Discs

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  1. Great job Brendan. We're lucky to have you on board!