Monday, December 20, 2010

The Song Remains the Same-ish: MGMT + Passion Pit = "Sleepykids"!

[This is a "series" that lets me point out when two songs sound really similar. Its frequency obviously depends on me finding these similarities, so who knows when it will happen again. See the previous entry here.]

Artist: MGMT Passion Pit
Song: "Kids" "Sleepyhead"
Album: Oracular Spectacular Manners
Label: Columbia Frenchkiss
Released: October 2, 200 May 19, 2009

I'll admit, I didn't spot this connection/similarity on my own; rather, a friend posted this video (embedded below) on her Facebook wall and I listened to it and thought it was a pretty good observation. I don't think the connection is totally compelling, but it's similar enough that I could see people confusing the two songs if they've only heard them randomly on the radio once or twice while they're in American Apparel or something like that. Anywho, somebody put together a neat mashup called "Sleepykids". The intro is purely MGMT, but then the opening lyrics of "Sleepyhead" come in right over that, and then the synth riff is sped up to match the pace of "Kids", and then they just stay mixed together like that, racing forward at the same breakneck pace. It's pretty interesting, I gotta say. If you know these songs, try to pretend like you've never heard them before and treat this as a standalone single from the latest indie electro-pop buzz band from, I dunno . . . Brooklyn or Philly or some place like that. How does it sound? Does it work? What if Altered Zones named it top track of 2010 or some shit? Would you like it more? If you've never heard either of these songs, well, where the fuck have you been?

[Side note: I forgot how attractive Joanna Newsom looks in the video for "Kids".]

[Further side note: Here are some interesting cover versions of "Kids", because it is apparently a fucking popular song to cover - Allison Weiss - The Kooks - The Ooks Of Hazzard (seven ukeleles!) - Jason Yang (solo electric violin!) - Some teenage girl playing left-handed acoustic guitar and singing in German! - Some rando high school a capella group - Esther & Fatou (two girls playing acoustic guitar outside in a garden)]

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