Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Video jam: Bad Books / "Baby Shoes"

Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra have teamed up to form Bad Books, and I like it. I remember listening to Manchester Orchestra's You Brainstorm, I Brainstorm, but Brilliance Needs a Good Editor EP a few years ago (can't recall how I stumbled upon it) but then kinda lost track of the band until now. I've heard this song and the one featured on Draw Us Lines earlier this year and dig them both, even though they differ greatly in the rockin' versus acoustic vibe. I think this live version caught my ear more, and I really like how they switch around from soft strumming and vocals to all-out jamming rock and back and forth again. The lyrics are interesting and engrossing, too. I won't get into what I think they might mean (because I'm not really sure), but I definitely like how they make me think deeply while I bob my head along with the rhythm and then have my train of thought get derailed by the squealing guitar parts and have to pick it back up again and then the song is over and I just hit "replay". Yeah, it's good.

[Found this on Spinner's website, where it says this was recorded at a party/show during CMJ this past fall.]

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